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City tests confirm some Chicago homes with water meters have lead in tap water

By Joshua Berg | August 28, 2019

City testing of Chicago homes with water meters found nearly 1 in 5 sampled had brain-damaging lead in their tap water, but Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s water commissioner acknowledged Thursday that the city continued installing new meters after learning about the alarming results in June. Disclosure of the previously secret study of 296 metered homes comes…

What you need to know to keep your home safe from Radon

By RIS Radon | July 31, 2019
Radon 86 Rn Dangers

Radon is a natural occurring radioactive gas that’s produced when uranium breaks down in the soil.  The Environmental Protection Agency says the gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind smoking. Illinois Schools recommend state schools test for the gas every five years. An in-depth report by 13 Investigates, found that recommendation is almost…

10 Easy Ways to Save Money & Energy in Your Home

By Joshua Berg | July 23, 2019

10 Easy Ways to Save Money & Energy in Your Home     Why make your home more energy efficient? Here are a few good reasons: Federal, state, utility and local jurisdictions’ financial incentives, such as tax breaks, are very advantageous for homeowners in most parts of the U.S. It saves money. It costs less to…

Should Sellers Get a Home Inspection?

By RIS Radon | July 16, 2019
Seller Home Inspection?

If there’s any doubt about the condition of your house, double down and pay for a professional opinion.It’s easy to grow attached to your home and overlook some of the wear and tear. But while those familiar flaws may feel like home to you, they might not be to potential buyers. After all, if someone…

Air Quality in the Home

By Joshua Berg | June 25, 2019

Indoor air quality can be worse than most people believe, but there are things that you can do about it. Indoor air quality is generally worse than most people believe, but there are things you can do about it.    Some Quick Facts: Indoor air quality can be worse than that of outdoor air. Problems can…

Radon is an Easy Fix…

By RIS Radon | June 17, 2019
radon enters home

Reliable techniques exist for reducing radon levels in homes. Experience with radon mitigation systems has developed to the point that virtually any home can be fixed, either by a trained radon contractor, or in some cases, by homeowners who accomplish the repairs themselves. One out of 15 (6%) homes nationally may have elevated indoor radon…

15 Tools Every Home Owner Should Have

By Joshua Berg | June 12, 2019

The following items are essential tools, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to ask an inspector during your next inspection about other tools that you might find useful. 1.  Plunger A clogged sink or toilet is one of the most inconvenient household problems that you will face. With a plunger on hand, however, you…

Home Inspector’s Fine Print

By RIS Radon | May 15, 2019
home inspector’s fine print

Know what’s in the home inspector’s fine print before hiring them. Q: We hired a home inspector to help us out when we were buying a home in Chicago. We received the report, reviewed it and later closed. The report indicated some minor inspection issues but nothing major. About a week after our closing we…

When should a home buyer request a home inspection?

By RIS Radon | May 10, 2019

Would you buy a new car without taking it out for a test drive? Probably not. Whether you’re buying your first, second or even third home, it is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. That’s why having a thorough home inspection is key. Professional home inspectors are licensed by the state and…

State Launches Program To Test Day Cares For Radon Gas

By RIS Radon | October 8, 2018
Day Cares Testing For Radon

Real In Services Can Professionally Test Day Cares for Radon. Call (312) 724-5100​ or Book A Radon Test Below. ​​State launches program to test day cares for radon gas – Indianapolis, IN Book A Radon Test The federal Environmental Protection Agency estimates one in five schools has a classroom with dangerous levels of radon— a carcinogen you can’t…

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